got a lot on my plate for the next couple of weeks

my ring dance is coming up this friday. a ring dance is like a prom for juniors. im extremely broke an di guess im just going to "wing it" as they say. i have a dress but no shoesto wear it with. i can tget my hair or nails done so im going to have to get very creative.

i have just been inducted into thee .....spanish national honor society? [just in case you didnt know, im black] but i guess i can speak it good enough. i found out i did wonderful on this big test i took last year. the bad part about all this is that i have to get ready for my SAT which is June 6th and i havent even began to study.

i also forgot to mention i won a date with
Michael Jai White. MAYBE you have seen him in movies, and maybe you havent but im excited. bad part of this is I LOOK A MESS.

i cant think of anything else big right now. i do however have to finish chemistry and wash my hair.

oh yea. i hope i find 20 dollars to go see drake in New Haven on June 4th. im gonna be real bummed if i dont. this is the closest this man is ever gonna get to me.

you guess should check out the latest on the Nebb segment . i was mentioned in one of the more recent post. and there is also a VERY humorous video you will not regret watching. lol

if you check out that video, you will see why it relates to my song of the week which is: Pleasure P - Under

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