addition to the perfect sunlight

as i was saying, i had a good last couple of days so i decided to elaborate a little more on that and maybe you'll find out what gets my clock ticking a little better. the simplest things clear my head and can turn my mood upside down.

like the day my chemistry class made ice cream outside.

or like the day where i missed the bus so i decided to sit in on my twins lacrosse practice. even bad things can turn into good things. i made a lot of new friends that day, got a little work out, and even joined a writing club. This day was full of laughs and games. we played everything you can think of.

sometimes i just sit and enjoy the weather by myself. If im with too many ppl, sometimes that can be an overkill of happiness and it reverses to sadness. i never knew how brown my hair really was til then.

i dont know what today holds for me. i might go to a cookout later but first i have to wash. see ya ; ]

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