im so tired im not tired anymore. the starvation level is sky high right now. but i will leave this on a positive note and show this video that always entertains me.


definitely dont have one but i was kinda interested after this lol


been real busy lately

excuses excuses;

good news: i found another hobbie! / bad news: that wont help me pick a future.


for my first time, it wasnt that bad. it was nothing like i thought it wud be. i was with some artists doing a backdrop for this play at school and we went to work!

Day 1:

i was a little scared that i wud mess it up so my teacher Ms. Church [she'z dope] told me that i shud start small, with sumthin basic...and this was the first thing that popped in my head. he'z alright lol i named him fred. he had to be on the bak of the canvas.

now for this one i started to ease out a little bit and try different tips. that was ok

during this project i worked with some cool dudes who really wanna do this for life. shouts to Serg Esco, JB, and most of all Josh who were mainly tellin me to suck it up and get my handz dirty. lol

Day 2:

i was more amped and ideas were flowing thru my head all night about wat i shud do. i probably annoyed Ms. Church all day cuz i kept askin wen we were goin in there.

at this point, this is wat the wall probably looked like. we had to color over all the stupid stuff the drama kids put over the day before. my partner juleono is a character. he made sure ohio wasnt left out of the equation.

everybody knows one of my favorite and most frequently used wordz iz DOPE so i had to do a tribute to the 80'z and take it bak (just barely missed it]

(my signiture J...and u know i had to thro the may/be)

you know i had to squeeze toronto in there. 1Love T.O

by the end of the period, the canvas looked like this but much much bigger and way more elaborate, these pics are from my black berry lol

and this is how my hand looked too lol/ thanx for the glove josh & rebel manny

We Killed The Canz 0n Purpose!


howdy doo M***** F&%$# lol jk

Long time no talk to but i gotta lot to fill yu in on so brace yurselves =). for right now im just gonna put everything in one big list and separate things piece by piece with pics to follow:

1.) yesterday it snowd on the first day of spring!

2.) for some strange reason the news was at my school yesterday

3.) will from day 26 came to host our talent show

4.) i went to a party last nite and it got shut down by the cops [nuthing new]

5.) i met this cool graffitti artist named Benitez

6.) did i tell yu i almost got hit by a bird!@?

7.) got sum crazy new songs to post

8.) my trip to florida for spring break has been confirmed

9.) i have a tv show coming out the 27th

10.) and last but not least i think i have an addiction to sims......???

.............so that's about everything i been dealin with the last couple days while i have been away and i also been runnin sum thangz which iz also why im so busy.
but antywayz have a great day because i will try to.

p.s. i am going to be giving great detail on all these events later today.


sleep is forbbiden

this was supposed to be posted yesterday, as in an hour ago...but i was lolly gagging and kinda forgot. but anyway i had the most amazing dream while i was taking a nap today [3/9/09] about what i dont know.

all i know is me and my mother were at a canadian airport for sum reason r another but we didnt have a way to where we were going. so this beautiful white benz pulls up and i see will (photo will) driving, my stomach sort of gets butterflyz. you know how dreams feel so real like ur right there. i hate to wake up after those feelings. but like i was saying, they pull over and i see drake in the passenger seat. i tried and succeeded to keep my composure but it was hard. i started stuttering and getting really nervous. so they let us in this car and it is HUGE on the inside.

next i see t-rexx (remix) and oliver (OVO) but sumhow drake and t-rexx have switched places so drake is in the back with me and my mom (dreamz right) so i build up enough strength to ask him for a picture and he says yes. so everyone squeezez together to take a flick on will's camera, but remember that he'z driving so im wondering how his hands are NOT on the wheel yet we're still moving smooth. and they tell me its in autodrive....like a plane on auto pilot.(futuristic ish)

so everybody's laughin and havin a good time and drake asks me where to. and i say we have no place to stay so he offers me a hotel room for me and my mom and t-rexx sayz since drizzy is feeling so generous he wanted pay for a night out on the town (toronto). and i say i'd rather one of those 1 love T.O shirts lol.

he laughs and agrees. they were impressed how much i knew abt T.O even though being from the states, then my dream jumped to them inviting me to kinda party with them. drake gave me a whole new persona for the trip like, "your gonna be 19 if anyone asks no matter what!" so of course i go with the flow and they get me in one of the guvernment clubs no questions asked. = ] all smiles over here. i dance, someone passes a drink my way and will comes with his camera. so i take the picture with the glass in my hand with my pinky finger in the air on accident. then i woke up =[.

i got up inspired to create a clothing line called pinky's up if i ever make it big. it most certainly wouldnt be my first venture but im throwing it on the list. lol

i hope that will or anyybody for that matter reads this dream of mine and finds it just as peculiar as i did. and to will i am going to kinda sum up what a trolley iz cuz he didnt know. it looks like a streetcar to me. all i know is they ride them in philadelphia and they are kinda like buses but ppl use them for touring the city....and nice reference to roger rabbit lol

- Dopem!/ couldnt make this stuff up lol


its a new seeeeason

time for change. the sun stayz out longer. more time for me to be happy. less electricity wasted. im almost 17 so its also time to finish plannin thee party. i cant wait til i can put the jackets away and just walk with short sleeve shrits again. i think we have the same weather as in toronto. so ive heard. people alwayz warn me how cold it is up there when i mention going. its actually not that different from here. i cant wait to call that place home.

1 love T.O


happy march everybody!!!

i know im kinda late but i shud be getting ready for school right abt now. it should be warming up but its still snowing where i live and im kinda bummed but hey. what can i do about it.

i clearly love to play in snow even tho my birthday iz in MAY. i like when its warm even better. ill be bak later to elaborate on my past couple dayz. ttyl