i switched some things around here or there. i hope ya like. but anyway i watched a real dope movie to day in inglish class today. its calle dthe crucible. its about these ppl in the 1600's who thought there were witches in their town because of these little lyin girls.

anyway by the end a whole bunch of ppl got killed and the moral of the story is i want my T.O. shirt. it is taking EXTREMELY too long to get here.

not another one!

there'z this thing going around called the swine virus or swine flu that has got my whole neighborhood terrified. everytime someone coughs or sneezes ppl bugg out. mind you its alergy season. lol

i just pray that no one else gets contaminated. they are shutting down schools in new york because some kids have already got it. i heard its airborn too.

gOoD luck and god bless you


well here are some more vaca pics i promised

we found the broccli on the floor and twin wanted it for her photo class lol

ducky was trying to eat everyones food at the restaurante. =]

i discovered i dont like planes.
im going to post abt 5-10 or so everyday. and i also have some videos to share.
Dopem!/cant get enough sun!

what a day

it was so beautiful outside. maybe spring has finally kicked in in connecticut. hope toronto has the same luck because we usually have the same weather. but anyway, i just discovered that i havent been checking my emails as much as i should and i have not been publishing your comments. well all that has changed. SORRY lol. i was so excited to read BRYAN E.'s comment he left me. URRRR my shirt is taking way too long to get here!!!!! now all i need to do is figure out how to get a 1Love T.O. shirt and my life will be set. =]

p.s. i was thinking abt changing the blog name. so any suggestions cuz im takin them.

thanx guys for the comments. im about to go return the favor.


about that.

this is a pic from the competition i was in. as pretty as it looks i was very uncomfortable.
more to come.
my beau didnt win but i had an amazing tyme with him these last couple weeks. sad to say its over but hey. i dont know why im blogging so much today. i dont like the number 27 at all. lol


the sun has been out for the last couple of dayz now and its beautiful outside. this means tat i hate staying in school even more now. lately i have been feeling some kinda way about what i am going to do with the rest of my life. everyone around me seems to have everything in order: they know where they wanna go and what they wanna do but i have no clue. i was set on going to school in toronto but i been feelin kinda nervous these last couple of weeks.

i have been meeting all these new ppl and they ask me if i already have plans and i hate saying no. it kills me that i might be leaving my home in a year with no concrete goals. one thing i do know about myself is that it is not easy for me to make big decisions because i change my mind a lot. my cons always overwrite my pros in situations and i wish it wasnt like that. if there's anybody who can make sense of this situation for me, i would really appreciate it.


well dayum!!!!

long tyme no talk to but im back in full effect. im unpacked and ready to go. my vacation was interesting but we shall never speak about it again so moving on =]
i cant wait til my legendsleague shirt arrives! im so excited! (eek!) im getting the T.O. dont love you tee. if you didnt know ideall clothing is having a sale. cop something because bryan's stuff iz hot.

my beautillion is coming on saturday and i have been running around like crazy to prepare. shouts to montel, my beau. we're definitely gonna win. but antyway a beautillion is sort of like a compition for guys where they win money and stuff and im a belle. if you wanna know more than just hit up.....matter of fact let me get that for you lol: beautillion

i cant write for too long cuz i gotta paper to write and i wanna keep my A'z . i got my report card yesterday and it definitely didnt look like soulja boy's LOL

first honors again yayayyaya!!! =]

here'z a vacation pic but definitely more to come


well im still packing

preparing myself to ride a plane for the first time in years. slowing getting my things together. i ask that i just stay in pplz prayers. i cant wait to get there. its supposed to be like a two hour plane ride soo. hopefully i sleep thru it all.

as you can see i decided to take a break but i think its time to get bak to work before i end up in florida with no charger or sumthing. im dissappointed that my friend reese cant go anymore. she got pregnant all of a sudden and had to cancel. this pic was so funny. we were in church and she said she could zip her coat up that morning, bu tby the end it was another story lol

but anyway, i was excited today to find out that drake was voted the number one new artist of 2009 =]

other than that i had a very upsetting day but i cant complain. hopefully tomarro i will be in paradise. i'll come bak with some new pics to post a a great tan.

this snowy / sunny weather here needs to cease by the time i come back!

enjoy spring

p.s. i had the weirdest dounut today!? it was very crunchy for some reason.


its extremely important that i shop today

i have tree dayz left until i go on vacation for the first time since i was little and i still dont have a bathing suit. unless they want me to skinny dip, someone needz to take me to the mall. and i dont know if i have this obsession with carmex or if my lips are just really dry but i also need to go to the nearest CVS. uuughh. whatev!

on a light note this video has been haunting me all day. lol


the marking period ova and its time to celebrate

three more days til my vacation. april here is looking like crap and i cant wait to leave. so here's two songs i really been feelin. the first makes me think of being in toronto livin the life. the second one just expresses complete and utter happiness. =]lol

hopin for straight A's but i'll take what i cant get.