got a lot on my plate for the next couple of weeks

my ring dance is coming up this friday. a ring dance is like a prom for juniors. im extremely broke an di guess im just going to "wing it" as they say. i have a dress but no shoesto wear it with. i can tget my hair or nails done so im going to have to get very creative.

i have just been inducted into thee .....spanish national honor society? [just in case you didnt know, im black] but i guess i can speak it good enough. i found out i did wonderful on this big test i took last year. the bad part about all this is that i have to get ready for my SAT which is June 6th and i havent even began to study.

i also forgot to mention i won a date with
Michael Jai White. MAYBE you have seen him in movies, and maybe you havent but im excited. bad part of this is I LOOK A MESS.

i cant think of anything else big right now. i do however have to finish chemistry and wash my hair.

oh yea. i hope i find 20 dollars to go see drake in New Haven on June 4th. im gonna be real bummed if i dont. this is the closest this man is ever gonna get to me.

you guess should check out the latest on the Nebb segment . i was mentioned in one of the more recent post. and there is also a VERY humorous video you will not regret watching. lol

if you check out that video, you will see why it relates to my song of the week which is: Pleasure P - Under


addition to the perfect sunlight

as i was saying, i had a good last couple of days so i decided to elaborate a little more on that and maybe you'll find out what gets my clock ticking a little better. the simplest things clear my head and can turn my mood upside down.

like the day my chemistry class made ice cream outside.

or like the day where i missed the bus so i decided to sit in on my twins lacrosse practice. even bad things can turn into good things. i made a lot of new friends that day, got a little work out, and even joined a writing club. This day was full of laughs and games. we played everything you can think of.

sometimes i just sit and enjoy the weather by myself. If im with too many ppl, sometimes that can be an overkill of happiness and it reverses to sadness. i never knew how brown my hair really was til then.

i dont know what today holds for me. i might go to a cookout later but first i have to wash. see ya ; ]

mild case of insomnia

i cant sleep right now. its 12:56am in CT and im by myself. i hope you've enjoyed ,my first two songs of the week and i decided to post them on sunday sfrom now on. the last couple days have been good ones. i've been taking a lot of pictures which make me feel good in a sense and so hope you like the featured ones lol.

im thinking about starting a portfolio for myself. there might be some pictures of me but i mostly like obscene things that ppl dont see everyday. the weather is getting beautiful here, thank god. i was sick of being sick and cold all the time. the thing is that now i might have an infection or something in my right gum. or my wisdom tooth could be growing in, i dont know but it hurts. and i dont think i'll be going to the dentist anytime soon. times are hard lol. all i can ask is that you pray for me =]

and now...i call this: the perfect sunlight


Productivity level at an all time low

i really need help.....................................

i am sad..................................................

if i had a job myself [which i really need] i would pay someone else to be my assistant..................................................

i would even be someone elses assistant.........................

a darn good one to................................................

even from another city.................................................

as promised: my song of the week. my mind [and mood] is going back and forth lately so this is just what my head is playing right now

3OH!3 [pronounced 303]


thanx for supporting

i have had a pick me up lately. i have a lot to blog about. i got some wordz of encouragement from some followerz and i just wanna say thank you. but now im going to kick off my weekly song where i pick a song of the week that im bumpin to so you ppl could get a feel of what im listening to and how i feel for the moment. my music usually affects my mood so the song of this week would have to be Ego Remix by Beyonce and Kanye West.

this song had to really grow on me. i didnt like it at first but now i have been singing it for three days now so.....thats what it is.

for fututre reference, most of my weekly songs will most likely be new stuff so hopefully im putting somebody on to some good stuff.

for now, enjoy.


im definitely falling off

i had a good birthday but i went thru a little depression phase. i gotta a lotta work to do so i dont know how often i will be writing for the next couple of dayz but wish me luck.




check out ciara's new album Fantasy Ride. hot ish


ICE CUBE SAID IT BEST - today was a good day

today was actually an interesting day. i never usually watch movies at home because they take up most of my time. when i watch one i have to watch them all! but i just got finished watching DO THE RIGHT THING: great movie.

my pregnito friend had a false alarm too and that was the most excitement i had all week. lol

i hope this baby comes around my birthday....(which is in 5 dayz by the way.)
i will finally be 17. i kinda already feel 17 though. you know how you just have a birthday, and when ppl ask you how old you are you still say the old age? lol like i remember turning 16 and still saying 15 if anyone asked. but lately ive already been saying 17. it must be anticipated i guess.

but im going to go now so i can finish getting my life together for this upcoming week. later on tonight im going to tune in to ATF to see DRAKE's concert live @ 10.


BAD NEWZ: My stinkin pants ripped LOL =[

DOPEM! / Good evening everybody...mabey ill post again tonight and tell how the show was.