im goin in to my third month of doing this blogging thing and im really enjoying it. i am in no denial that i most definitely need to step my game up but im proud that i have did it this long. my goal is to be international by 2010 lol. and it is possible. i was reading photo will and Bryan E.'s blogs and they really inspired me to keep doing my thing and have hope. i know for a fact im dope and im gonna let the whole world know. (coolest kid out baby word to chuck inglish lol) - drake. mabey im in over my head but hey, what have i got to lose. i mean gosh, i do everything....dance, act, model, photography, art. i gotta progress in sumthin.

and doing this blog is better than just talking to myself right?

sawy i been incognito but...

i've been a little ill. still have the sniffles and ive also been catching up with my other favorite blogs. my theory on why i am even sick (which never happens) is the fact that i had to wear a little dress for my sisters sweet sixteen in freezing cold weather.

it was horrible at first because it was cold and i was having a bad hair weekend, but i'll let you judge of that:

she payed for making us freeze at the end of the night tho [tee hee]

dont get me wrong, i love curls. but those???? - a week later and they finally look like this:

(i had a nebby moment)


i hate being sick!!!!!

im kinda on my death bed. but ill expalin why later soooo.....in the meantime, you can stay tuned to this: http://www.allthings-fresh.net/



not all its craked up to be in connecticut. when ppl think of CT, they think of snooty stuck up ppl with a lot of money. otherz might say "where the heck iz connecticut" "and why is it spelled so stupid" lol (thats what i wud say if i didnt live here=) the answers are -its right near new york and new jersey and i have no clu why its spelled that way.

and yea, most places in CT are like that. but the places ppl dont here abt is where im from; where everybody is broke but claims to be ballin and the minorities are the majority.

these places consist of norwalk, bridgeport, new haven/east haven and any other haven you can think of, along with stratford. the places where ppl die every week. where schools are poor and kids say (ignorant issh.) for example, i was eating lunch with my twin and her boyfriend (and one of my ring dance prospects which shall remain nameless lol) when she (ashli) decided to get lunch. now it was bad enough we had to eat LAST lunchwave (@ 12:40) but then she came back with this:
i freakin LOST MY MIND in laughter!!!!!
she says, "the lunch lady said there was no more bunz and gave me this. =[ " it was so funny i had to take a picture. notice how much i take pictuers of food. (they hate it) but anyway i told her i wuda thru that bak at her and walked away lol. for the ppl who dont know; that is the bread we eat WHOLE sandwhiches with!
in the end she just cut up the hot dog and ate it with a fork and was saddly still hungry. i felt for her. so the next time someone tells you abt connecticut (pronounced conneticut), i want u to think abt this picture and get bak to me lol


i went to red lobster with my mom on sunday and this was the couple i seen while waiting for tables. i figured they were so cute together so i had to take a pic. thats the kinda love i want to have wen i get old. these dayz ppl arent in it for the long run. but these two look like they been in love for the longest!

but enough with the sappy stuff; we took our seats and i think this time i receivedw the best service i ever got in red lobster. the lady was fast and everything was good. [ u ever notice the music playing at retaurants sometimes?] i did. it was so peaceful. so i sat bak, relaxed and enjoyed the best strawberry smoothie a person cud drink (besides the onez my bestie makes lol.)

it looked so good in the beginning

fresh strawberry and all

this is how it looked by the end(lol)
so as i was drinking i just thought abt life. my mom started asking me abt my valentines date which i really didnt want to talk abt even tho it went well. (best i ever had) but i didnt wanna tell her that lol

just to fill you in, this is how my vday ended


day 2 day life

first off let me just say happy valentines day to every one. i sure am enjoying mine. unfortunately my (i guess u cud say significant other) is working sooooo my v-day doesnt start til later. [i will give a sexy update later]

but now that im am officially on my winter vaca i will be getting into the habit of blogging more.

(off topic and so random) yesterday or mabey two dayz ago, me and gazpacho [bestie banessa, mavis, vanito, vonny boom boom, or just vanessa]hung out and i decided to wash my hair. for ppl that have never seen me b4 need to know that i have A LOT of hair. so i hope that explains the following pictures a lil bit. WARNING: plz do not be alarmed by the following. may cause teary eyez, plus continuos and obnoxious laughter.

lol that was nice. now if ur wondering what all that was about, i'll reassure that it was just all the tangled hair that i combed out after my wash. as i was taking it out of the brush i thought, "hey, why not think of everything i can do with a ball of hair." yea, thats what iil do for the fifteen minutes or so. and thats how i spend most of my days.
stay black, love jaey


the day ive been waiting for

So far gone!!!!

download now - my baby drakkard



i'd also like to welcome my new followerz and my boy D A.KA. nerd francis to the blogg world.it lookz like him and his crew go hard on there site so, i will be tuned in


tank u so ooooh so much =D

been gone fo ra minute now im bak with the jump off

excuse the title - i really been on my music grind lately so sue me for havin a couple songz "stuck in the craw."

Sorry i been off for a couple dayz but i just had to pick up some pieces and get A WHOLE bunch of rest....i should be resting now cuz i gotta couple planz but i decided entertaining you is more important =D.

some funny stuff has been happening later, like the fact that i cant comment my FAVORITE blogs these days. (favourite for all my canadian ppl out there) it kills me not to let my fellow bloggers know that i have been reading but i cant put my 2 centz in. =[

Or like the fact that there have been hairs in my plates for weeks now every time i eat lol everyone else sayz "ill" but i find it very funny actually,,, so funny that i take pictures every time i see one. now sum might think i put them there but i just want to let u know that 1) im not that creative enough to even think of doin that and 2)im too lazy to even attemp that. but it has been so many that sum of them i cudnt get pictures of so here are the ones i did catch lol:

sometimes i think my mom plants them there =}
the two below were at church lol
these two were also at church while eating a bowl of ice cream lol
i also think my number one rapper Drake's joint is dropping soon so i been uber excited lately. im kinda to the point where i dont know how im feeling these days. but i hoped u enjoyed the pics. i tried my best to capture the amusement even tho they were so light lol