im still not goin for it but.......

!!!!!R.I.P Mike!!!!!!

im changing my song of the week to a michael jackson playlist starting with smooth criminal lol

one of my favorites i still jam to. and whats crazy is that i was just watching the movie on his life a couple days ago. this is like when i think of someone randomly and they call me or i see them. people have been talking abt him lately and look what happen. one of the greatest will be missed.


on the run

off to North Carolina tomarro. gotta start packing! ill be back soon i promise. but for the time being....my song of the week is popcorn by the cool kids. = ]



im finally finished. today was my last day of school. and i found out im getting a laptop so this means i can finally play sims for hours in peace = ].

im so happy i dont know what else to say. i have to try and find sumwhere to celebrate.

see ya =D


hey there

im extremely sleepy but i couldnt go without posting today. i had a really good day too. today was this ceremony we have at my high school where the seniors are finally done and they declare the juniors officially seniors. its called "the passing of the flags." they roll up the class of 2009 flag and gracefully and beautifully roll down the class of 2010 flag. ima a junior...well senior now and it was so live in that auditorium. i've have never seen so much school/class spirit in my three years of going there. we had a blast.

as you might remember, we have some really dope graffiti artists in my school and i know our flag looks sexy. so please enjoy.

and i picked my song of the week. i think ur gonna like it. its young jeezy with who dat. i concur that it goes with this post since class of 2010 chanted who dat!? - we dat!! [too bad i didnt catch that part]

im gonna change the look a lil bit so i hope ya like it......and to fill you in, i just finished my last project for the year like an hour ago so im hella happy. we start finals tomorrow but im already half way done with those so my last day is thursday! yippieeeeeeeeee!

im goin straight to then shower then sleepy time. and yes at 9:30 pm lol.


[deep sigh]

its 5:45 am and i have 30 slides left. i guess sleep really is forbidden like diddy says.

wish me luck. right now! | ]

good night, or morning what ever



School gets out on Friday and i have one more major project left. i been so busy that i dont even really get to read MY favorite blogs. so please just bare with me. summer is almost here and i cant effin wait any longer.

i do however have some good news. my picture is in the mall and i just got a scholarship to this dance camp i auditioned for a while back. im very proud of myself so im just gonna toot my own horn a little. =] so now my life will be like a highschool musical or camp rock or sumthin. lol

Never that! lol

tomorrow i will be posting my song of the week. this is a tuffy. got a lot of options this week.

p.s. miss tulip was completely right when she said it doesnt get easier in college =]


im so effin tired!

its 12:57 am and im not used to staying up this late. i have a lot of work to do in a little bit of time. i know for a fact my grades are going down and im so tired i keep having to edit this because i cant spell right now. school is taking extremely too long to be over.


wat the dusche!?





I JUST HAD THE BEST HAIR WASH EVEEERR!!!!! i felt so dirty after cross country. i still got a little stuff to do for the end of the school year so, ill hit this up when im finito. its beautiful weather today and i hope it stays that way

now help me out by going to this link =]


Thank yu kindly!

- jaey eazy be da dopest. lol


welp! i had the worst week of my life so far

but its ok! i will get over it. sooner or later. its kinda hard tho cuz i broke my computer desk and now im typing in my lap lol

i finally chose my song of the week which is invented sex by trey songz ft drizzy

which will now be posted on the sidebar since i have no time or patience to play around!

i took my SAT yesterday and i think i did pretty darn good. York U/Mcgill here i come lol



my week sucked major a*%

its ok tho. im kinda extremely bummed and i didnt make it to the show last night. connecticut is poppin this weekend. everybody who is anybody is on the east coast this weeked.

> drake show yesterday

> hot jam in hartford tonight

> summer jam on sunday

we're goin in. hot 97 is goin hard right now. im enjoying the radio cuz they are bumpin classic Jay-Z. im waiting for the premiere of the new jay-z and drake joint. cant wait. im probably gonna post the song later.

i had some deep conversations .......[flex is funny as hell]....but anyway, i had some deep convo with ppl like Will trying to get into the show yesterday. he gave me some hope and some good insight on the industry. what i got out of it was that its not always wat it seems to be in pictuers and articles. when it comes to the industry, a lot of things are for show. and you cant trust everyone no matter who they are and how big their name is. i have the utmost respect for Will because he didnt have to answer me. He really cares abouts fans even tho he doesnt believe he has any lol

wish me luck on the SAT im about to fail tomorrow. ill be up early in the morning.


im gonna die trying

im kinda buzzin right now. im on my grind trying to get theze DRAKE ticket for tonights show in CT. Wish me luck and pray for me. im staying positive. i'll tell abt my journey a lil later tho.


ringdance pics

im adding to my last couple posts.
i didnt have a good time at all but here they are

didnt have a date and i wasted my money on stupid pictuers when i cud have used it for the drake show. and now i cant go so my life is ruined until i see him in concert. i doubt he will ever be that close ever again =[

im trying not to be depressed but its not working. anyway, i thought this moment was interesting so i had to catch it. lol

you can interpret this however you feel =]

there's a couple more but they're not really worth seeing

speaking of soulja boy...

i was watching him live sunday and he had explained how he started his own record label. he was asking anyone who had talent to show him a verse or somethin lol

so me bein bored i made a video of my self singing. it has been getting a lot of good feedback so i decided to post it on here too.

now i want you to realize that i did like 100 takes of this lol

didnt come out soo bad. =] the song i was singing is called diamonds by teairra mari and kanye.

laugh if you please

here's the real version if you wanna hear it the right way lol

why does my life have to be so complicated

oh yea!

-cuz im broke

-im unproductive

-im unfocused

this list cud go on forever but i should be studying for my SAT's on saturday. im very bummed out because Drake is coming here and the effin tickets are sold out. my life is ruined and i wanna fall off the face of the earth. my computer has been actin up and im thinking about changing the look of the page. i want it to look more welcoming and stuffff. i had a horrible ring dance even tho i looked amazing. i will put pics up. i cant wait til school is over. 4 more weeks to go. wish me luck on my big test.

my song of the week was a tough pick. im really starting to like Soulja boy's music....weird right?

so not only did i give one song. i gave a bonus. Enjoy, and oh yea......POW! =]