why does my life have to be so complicated

oh yea!

-cuz im broke

-im unproductive

-im unfocused

this list cud go on forever but i should be studying for my SAT's on saturday. im very bummed out because Drake is coming here and the effin tickets are sold out. my life is ruined and i wanna fall off the face of the earth. my computer has been actin up and im thinking about changing the look of the page. i want it to look more welcoming and stuffff. i had a horrible ring dance even tho i looked amazing. i will put pics up. i cant wait til school is over. 4 more weeks to go. wish me luck on my big test.

my song of the week was a tough pick. im really starting to like Soulja boy's music....weird right?

so not only did i give one song. i gave a bonus. Enjoy, and oh yea......POW! =]

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