mild case of insomnia

i cant sleep right now. its 12:56am in CT and im by myself. i hope you've enjoyed ,my first two songs of the week and i decided to post them on sunday sfrom now on. the last couple days have been good ones. i've been taking a lot of pictures which make me feel good in a sense and so hope you like the featured ones lol.

im thinking about starting a portfolio for myself. there might be some pictures of me but i mostly like obscene things that ppl dont see everyday. the weather is getting beautiful here, thank god. i was sick of being sick and cold all the time. the thing is that now i might have an infection or something in my right gum. or my wisdom tooth could be growing in, i dont know but it hurts. and i dont think i'll be going to the dentist anytime soon. times are hard lol. all i can ask is that you pray for me =]

and now...i call this: the perfect sunlight


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I know what you mean about insomnia, lately I've been going to sleep between 6 am and 9 am lol I think a portfolio sounds cool, good luck with it

known by many namez said...

thanx...[ijust wanna be successful] =]