ICE CUBE SAID IT BEST - today was a good day

today was actually an interesting day. i never usually watch movies at home because they take up most of my time. when i watch one i have to watch them all! but i just got finished watching DO THE RIGHT THING: great movie.

my pregnito friend had a false alarm too and that was the most excitement i had all week. lol

i hope this baby comes around my birthday....(which is in 5 dayz by the way.)
i will finally be 17. i kinda already feel 17 though. you know how you just have a birthday, and when ppl ask you how old you are you still say the old age? lol like i remember turning 16 and still saying 15 if anyone asked. but lately ive already been saying 17. it must be anticipated i guess.

but im going to go now so i can finish getting my life together for this upcoming week. later on tonight im going to tune in to ATF to see DRAKE's concert live @ 10.


BAD NEWZ: My stinkin pants ripped LOL =[

DOPEM! / Good evening everybody...mabey ill post again tonight and tell how the show was.

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