been gone fo ra minute now im bak with the jump off

excuse the title - i really been on my music grind lately so sue me for havin a couple songz "stuck in the craw."

Sorry i been off for a couple dayz but i just had to pick up some pieces and get A WHOLE bunch of rest....i should be resting now cuz i gotta couple planz but i decided entertaining you is more important =D.

some funny stuff has been happening later, like the fact that i cant comment my FAVORITE blogs these days. (favourite for all my canadian ppl out there) it kills me not to let my fellow bloggers know that i have been reading but i cant put my 2 centz in. =[

Or like the fact that there have been hairs in my plates for weeks now every time i eat lol everyone else sayz "ill" but i find it very funny actually,,, so funny that i take pictures every time i see one. now sum might think i put them there but i just want to let u know that 1) im not that creative enough to even think of doin that and 2)im too lazy to even attemp that. but it has been so many that sum of them i cudnt get pictures of so here are the ones i did catch lol:

sometimes i think my mom plants them there =}
the two below were at church lol
these two were also at church while eating a bowl of ice cream lol
i also think my number one rapper Drake's joint is dropping soon so i been uber excited lately. im kinda to the point where i dont know how im feeling these days. but i hoped u enjoyed the pics. i tried my best to capture the amusement even tho they were so light lol