not all its craked up to be in connecticut. when ppl think of CT, they think of snooty stuck up ppl with a lot of money. otherz might say "where the heck iz connecticut" "and why is it spelled so stupid" lol (thats what i wud say if i didnt live here=) the answers are -its right near new york and new jersey and i have no clu why its spelled that way.

and yea, most places in CT are like that. but the places ppl dont here abt is where im from; where everybody is broke but claims to be ballin and the minorities are the majority.

these places consist of norwalk, bridgeport, new haven/east haven and any other haven you can think of, along with stratford. the places where ppl die every week. where schools are poor and kids say (ignorant issh.) for example, i was eating lunch with my twin and her boyfriend (and one of my ring dance prospects which shall remain nameless lol) when she (ashli) decided to get lunch. now it was bad enough we had to eat LAST lunchwave (@ 12:40) but then she came back with this:
i freakin LOST MY MIND in laughter!!!!!
she says, "the lunch lady said there was no more bunz and gave me this. =[ " it was so funny i had to take a picture. notice how much i take pictuers of food. (they hate it) but anyway i told her i wuda thru that bak at her and walked away lol. for the ppl who dont know; that is the bread we eat WHOLE sandwhiches with!
in the end she just cut up the hot dog and ate it with a fork and was saddly still hungry. i felt for her. so the next time someone tells you abt connecticut (pronounced conneticut), i want u to think abt this picture and get bak to me lol

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