i went to red lobster with my mom on sunday and this was the couple i seen while waiting for tables. i figured they were so cute together so i had to take a pic. thats the kinda love i want to have wen i get old. these dayz ppl arent in it for the long run. but these two look like they been in love for the longest!

but enough with the sappy stuff; we took our seats and i think this time i receivedw the best service i ever got in red lobster. the lady was fast and everything was good. [ u ever notice the music playing at retaurants sometimes?] i did. it was so peaceful. so i sat bak, relaxed and enjoyed the best strawberry smoothie a person cud drink (besides the onez my bestie makes lol.)

it looked so good in the beginning

fresh strawberry and all

this is how it looked by the end(lol)
so as i was drinking i just thought abt life. my mom started asking me abt my valentines date which i really didnt want to talk abt even tho it went well. (best i ever had) but i didnt wanna tell her that lol

just to fill you in, this is how my vday ended

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