ok so today was a hassel because midterms ARE FINALLY OVER!!!! WOOOOOOO. But after being tired for A WHILE, you kinda cant go to sleep anymore. so i decided to play in the snow a little bit while i had some time. ......well i didnt really have time at first, but anyway, here's the first pic i took at the library:

which was followed by "hurry up! im late for work!" says my mother lol. so once i got home and she left, i went back outside to finish my winter inspired shoot. if some are wondering why i do little kid thingz like this, its because im alwayz alone. i am an only child so since a little grl, i have alwayz found wayz to entertain myself.

this is the longest ive been with no gloves all winter!

this picture was followed by

more to come.....momz coming home and i have to pretend to be a sleep lol ill explain later


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