day 2 day life

first off let me just say happy valentines day to every one. i sure am enjoying mine. unfortunately my (i guess u cud say significant other) is working sooooo my v-day doesnt start til later. [i will give a sexy update later]

but now that im am officially on my winter vaca i will be getting into the habit of blogging more.

(off topic and so random) yesterday or mabey two dayz ago, me and gazpacho [bestie banessa, mavis, vanito, vonny boom boom, or just vanessa]hung out and i decided to wash my hair. for ppl that have never seen me b4 need to know that i have A LOT of hair. so i hope that explains the following pictures a lil bit. WARNING: plz do not be alarmed by the following. may cause teary eyez, plus continuos and obnoxious laughter.

lol that was nice. now if ur wondering what all that was about, i'll reassure that it was just all the tangled hair that i combed out after my wash. as i was taking it out of the brush i thought, "hey, why not think of everything i can do with a ball of hair." yea, thats what iil do for the fifteen minutes or so. and thats how i spend most of my days.
stay black, love jaey

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