my week sucked major a*%

its ok tho. im kinda extremely bummed and i didnt make it to the show last night. connecticut is poppin this weekend. everybody who is anybody is on the east coast this weeked.

> drake show yesterday

> hot jam in hartford tonight

> summer jam on sunday

we're goin in. hot 97 is goin hard right now. im enjoying the radio cuz they are bumpin classic Jay-Z. im waiting for the premiere of the new jay-z and drake joint. cant wait. im probably gonna post the song later.

i had some deep conversations .......[flex is funny as hell]....but anyway, i had some deep convo with ppl like Will trying to get into the show yesterday. he gave me some hope and some good insight on the industry. what i got out of it was that its not always wat it seems to be in pictuers and articles. when it comes to the industry, a lot of things are for show. and you cant trust everyone no matter who they are and how big their name is. i have the utmost respect for Will because he didnt have to answer me. He really cares abouts fans even tho he doesnt believe he has any lol

wish me luck on the SAT im about to fail tomorrow. ill be up early in the morning.

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