well im still packing

preparing myself to ride a plane for the first time in years. slowing getting my things together. i ask that i just stay in pplz prayers. i cant wait to get there. its supposed to be like a two hour plane ride soo. hopefully i sleep thru it all.

as you can see i decided to take a break but i think its time to get bak to work before i end up in florida with no charger or sumthing. im dissappointed that my friend reese cant go anymore. she got pregnant all of a sudden and had to cancel. this pic was so funny. we were in church and she said she could zip her coat up that morning, bu tby the end it was another story lol

but anyway, i was excited today to find out that drake was voted the number one new artist of 2009 =]

other than that i had a very upsetting day but i cant complain. hopefully tomarro i will be in paradise. i'll come bak with some new pics to post a a great tan.

this snowy / sunny weather here needs to cease by the time i come back!

enjoy spring

p.s. i had the weirdest dounut today!? it was very crunchy for some reason.

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Mz. Belle said...

Hey It's babii_fab_yo from ATF.net.
I'm mad late I didn't know he was voted the best new artist of 2009. I'm proud of him.