well dayum!!!!

long tyme no talk to but im back in full effect. im unpacked and ready to go. my vacation was interesting but we shall never speak about it again so moving on =]
i cant wait til my legendsleague shirt arrives! im so excited! (eek!) im getting the T.O. dont love you tee. if you didnt know ideall clothing is having a sale. cop something because bryan's stuff iz hot.

my beautillion is coming on saturday and i have been running around like crazy to prepare. shouts to montel, my beau. we're definitely gonna win. but antyway a beautillion is sort of like a compition for guys where they win money and stuff and im a belle. if you wanna know more than just hit up.....matter of fact let me get that for you lol: beautillion

i cant write for too long cuz i gotta paper to write and i wanna keep my A'z . i got my report card yesterday and it definitely didnt look like soulja boy's LOL

first honors again yayayyaya!!! =]

here'z a vacation pic but definitely more to come


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

All im doing is wondering about the trip you wont talk about lmao

Boogie said...

I'm purchasing that to shirt as well..
cute vacation pic too