sleep is forbbiden

this was supposed to be posted yesterday, as in an hour ago...but i was lolly gagging and kinda forgot. but anyway i had the most amazing dream while i was taking a nap today [3/9/09] about what i dont know.

all i know is me and my mother were at a canadian airport for sum reason r another but we didnt have a way to where we were going. so this beautiful white benz pulls up and i see will (photo will) driving, my stomach sort of gets butterflyz. you know how dreams feel so real like ur right there. i hate to wake up after those feelings. but like i was saying, they pull over and i see drake in the passenger seat. i tried and succeeded to keep my composure but it was hard. i started stuttering and getting really nervous. so they let us in this car and it is HUGE on the inside.

next i see t-rexx (remix) and oliver (OVO) but sumhow drake and t-rexx have switched places so drake is in the back with me and my mom (dreamz right) so i build up enough strength to ask him for a picture and he says yes. so everyone squeezez together to take a flick on will's camera, but remember that he'z driving so im wondering how his hands are NOT on the wheel yet we're still moving smooth. and they tell me its in autodrive....like a plane on auto pilot.(futuristic ish)

so everybody's laughin and havin a good time and drake asks me where to. and i say we have no place to stay so he offers me a hotel room for me and my mom and t-rexx sayz since drizzy is feeling so generous he wanted pay for a night out on the town (toronto). and i say i'd rather one of those 1 love T.O shirts lol.

he laughs and agrees. they were impressed how much i knew abt T.O even though being from the states, then my dream jumped to them inviting me to kinda party with them. drake gave me a whole new persona for the trip like, "your gonna be 19 if anyone asks no matter what!" so of course i go with the flow and they get me in one of the guvernment clubs no questions asked. = ] all smiles over here. i dance, someone passes a drink my way and will comes with his camera. so i take the picture with the glass in my hand with my pinky finger in the air on accident. then i woke up =[.

i got up inspired to create a clothing line called pinky's up if i ever make it big. it most certainly wouldnt be my first venture but im throwing it on the list. lol

i hope that will or anyybody for that matter reads this dream of mine and finds it just as peculiar as i did. and to will i am going to kinda sum up what a trolley iz cuz he didnt know. it looks like a streetcar to me. all i know is they ride them in philadelphia and they are kinda like buses but ppl use them for touring the city....and nice reference to roger rabbit lol

- Dopem!/ couldnt make this stuff up lol

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you sure do got that Toronto LLove.

We ain't mad atchu.