howdy doo M***** F&%$# lol jk

Long time no talk to but i gotta lot to fill yu in on so brace yurselves =). for right now im just gonna put everything in one big list and separate things piece by piece with pics to follow:

1.) yesterday it snowd on the first day of spring!

2.) for some strange reason the news was at my school yesterday

3.) will from day 26 came to host our talent show

4.) i went to a party last nite and it got shut down by the cops [nuthing new]

5.) i met this cool graffitti artist named Benitez

6.) did i tell yu i almost got hit by a bird!@?

7.) got sum crazy new songs to post

8.) my trip to florida for spring break has been confirmed

9.) i have a tv show coming out the 27th

10.) and last but not least i think i have an addiction to sims......???

.............so that's about everything i been dealin with the last couple days while i have been away and i also been runnin sum thangz which iz also why im so busy.
but antywayz have a great day because i will try to.

p.s. i am going to be giving great detail on all these events later today.

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