[deeper sigh*]

first let me begin by saying HAPPY CANADA DAY!

i have definitely been home for like three days now. sorry i havent updated but ive been trying to enjoy home for a while. North Carolina was great and i surely have stories to tell. my room looks a mess ad i been tryin to clean it up for days. its not working. this summer im going to try to give all the clothes i dont wear to charity. i have a lot of stuff that is just taking up space. next year i will be off to college and that stuff will then be pointless soooo, kudos to me.

while on this family reunion of mine, i had a lot of fun. i went to a club for the first time and i met a new cuzin of mine named Dame. Shout out to Geno and club 935...and the dumb officer who gave 17 year olds the directions to said club lol [tee hee]

my cuzin Gina is like my partner in crime.

but antyway* my song of the week will be Trey Songz with Wonder Woman. i will continue listening to his new mixtape Anticipation while on my way to sleep. ill post more abt the trip tomorrow, my eyelids are getting heavy

night night*

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